Hemming Technik GmbH & Co.KG has been operating since 1988. Our focus is on diamond technology, which has been our passion since we began our operations.

This passion is reflected by the structure of our company -  Hemming Technik has been run as a family business for over 30 years, and is now in its second generation.

We have a "can-do" approach to our work. We pride ourselves on continuing work where others would stop, and it is based on this motto that we carry out our on-site work for you. We don't see ourselves simply as a diamond tools supplier but rather, primarily, as a provider of solutions.

The market is continuously changing, and companies must react to this with targeted, future-orientated ideas that enable you and your employees to keep the costs for the tools used at installation sites low and to make work easier.

For this purpose and based on its expertise, Hemming Technik not only offers a complex, high-quality range of tools and machines, but also, a decade of extensive experience. At the headquarters in the region of Münster, development, tests, production and storage are dealt with in combination, which allows for efficient processes that save large amounts of time. 99% of all deliveries are next day deliveries.

Hemming Technik is the largest supplier of underfloor heating milling systems in Germany for very good reason!

THE BEST IDEAS COME FROM PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Every floor is different, and has different requirements for disc milling cutters and machines. In addition to this, new materials, trends or regulations are also continuously surfacing on the market. The aim is to provide clean, effective and completely dust-free working conditions.

Your employees are your most important assets, meaning that making difficult work easier for them is of paramount importance - as only content workers are effective workers.

Our mission is to continuously improve ourselves. Our comprehensive and practical network enables us to work with you to rapidly enrich your product range with new innovations.

Hemming Technik
One Company - One Team - One Promise