Disc milling cutters / grinding discs

HE120 Diamond milling cutter

Diamant-Frässcheibe HE120


Our milling discs have been specially developed for radius milling in screeds.

  • Diameter 125 mm
  • Milling depth max. 25 mm
  • Width 16.0 mm for tubes 14-15 mm
  • Milling depth about 17 mm
  • Width 17.0 mm for pipes 16-17 mm
  • Milling depth about 19 mm
  • Bore 22.23 mm
  • T-segment for tight curve radii


Area of application:

  • White milling disc for hard floors (screeds)
  • Black milling disc for soft floors (Sand / cement screed / anhydrite screed)


With extremely hard floors such as concrete, mastic asphalt screeds, fine stoneware or natural stone coverings, the physical limits of the width of the panes have been reached in dry cutting. The milling disks get too hot and break down.

However, we are continuously developing our milling disks in order to be able to react professionally to extreme situations.


Diamond milling disc Duo-Cut 125mm

Diamond milling disc Duo-Cut 125mm


Our problem solvers for extremely hard floors!

  • Diameter 125mm
  • Width 17mm
  • 2-part structure with internal flange
  • Extremely sleek segment




Diamond grinding shoes / wings

Diamant Schleifschuhe für Profianwender


  • Professional quality
  • for all materials
  • high removal rates
  • for different floor grinding machines