Grinding machines

HE230 Floor grinder

Schleifmaschinen zum Bearbeiten von Fussböden

Ideal for grinding flooring, tile adhesives, paints, epoxy coatings. Levelling out of flooring. The new HE 230 floor grinder does the job of a three-phase machine, but only requires 110 or 230 V alternating current while weighing 42kg!

The development of a new disc retainer means that changing tools is extremely simple, and the removal of flexible coupling is no longer necessary. The new, foldable handle with an integrated support device makes the grinding machine even more compact and easier to transport.

A flexibly mounted grinding plate prevents the grinding of ridges into the surface.


Technical Data:

  • Working width 230 mm
  • Voltage 110/230 V
  • Engine 2 kW (230 V)
  • Height 51 cm
  • Length 60 cm
  • Width 30 cm
  • Weight 42 kg (230 V)
  • Rotational speed 1400 U/min