Suction systems

Suction unit HE 3450 DS Longopac

Saugaggregat HE 3450 DS Longopac für den Profi

Suction unit
The vacuum cleaner was specially developed for collecting large quantities of fine dust in a very short time and has three individually switchable 1150 watt bypass suction motors in a robust metal housing. A vacuum indicator allows continuous control of proper operation and possible filter occupancy. A warning light shows possible filter problems.

Filter chamber
The large star filter dust class M with 3 m2 filter surface and an external filter shaking ensure a long service life. A vacuum manometer shows the filter occupancy.

Emptying via Longopac system
Safe and dust-free disposal of the suction material via the Longopac system (20m endless plastic bag). The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a robust steel frame with powder coating, non-marking rotating wheels and parking brake. It can be adjusted in height.

Technical Data:

  • Power 3450 watts
  • Filter area 3m²
  • Dimensions 58 x 60 x 165 cm
  • Weight 70kg
  • Voltage 230 volts
  • Max. air quantity 540m³/h
  • Dust category M
  • IP44 insulation

With these two special extraction systems, we have laid the foundation for absolutely dust-free work. The large filter surface of the special filter for fine dust (M filter) in conjunction with the large amount of air make this possible.

Item number: 19202
Designation: HE 3450 DS Longopac


HE 2300 Cyclone pre-filter

Zyklon-Vorabscheider HE 2300 die Ideale Ergänzung zu unseren Industriesaugern

Up to 90% of the dust is caught in the upstream pre-filter with its high-speed cyclone. Its continuous high suction performance is suitable for the vacuuming of large quantities of dust,

and it is also ideal for the wet-milling of concrete. Protects the vacuum from moisture.

Technical Data:

  • DN50 connections
  • Cyclone technology
  • Measurements 43 x 53 x 80cm
  • Weight 16.5 kg
  • 4 high-quality rollers
  • Capacity (Material) 35l

Water + concrete sludge clean HE1200

Water + concrete sludge clean HE1200

Where the physical limits of the milling disks are reached in dry cutting, such as concrete, hard mastic asphalt, very hard screeds, some natural floors, etc., you can only mill with water cooling.

For these applications we have the HE 1200 concrete sludge extractor, which sucks the concrete sludge and at the same time continuously pumps it up to 200 m into the next manhole.

Practically the entire surface can be milled without interruption. The entire system is then flushed through with clear water and everything is clean again.


Technical Data:

  • Robust Wet Cleaner which simultaneously aspirates and pumps off
  • Also especially for concrete sludge
  • 1200W
  • Air volume 200 m3 per hour
  • Pump capacity:
    • 9 m vertical /
    • 200 m horizontally
  • Height: 1250 mm
  • Diameter: 570 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Sewage connection GEKA
  • Ideal for milling underfloor heating, core drilling and water sawing

Article number: 19203
Designation: Water / concrete sludge clean HE 1200